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Kim + Ken Wedding Day

I am so glad that my best primary school friend, Kimberly has finally tied the knot with her loved one. What an amazing wedding ceremony!

I always love to shoot for wedding which is full with love and sincerity. They always like to share their wedding ideas with me since they officially registered as husband and wife a year ago.

We used to explore everything for wedding like gowns, locations, florist, decorations, attire, even march in song to achieve her little desired and dreamy wedding ceremony.

On the day before the ceremony started, we set up the arch and backdrop in the venue, unfortunately the weather is unplesant and therefore we have to move everything from outdoor to indoor due to the bad weather. But somehow we managed to take some candid portrait before the rain pouring down

Although the wedding is imperfect due to the due weather, but these does not affect us and are able to get through these optimistically.

In the end, the wedding ceremony ended with lots of love and blessing from their friends and family.

Once again, our heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to you both, living happily ever after.

Photographer: Anson, TR. Ban

Congratulations to my best friend =)



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