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Thim Yiing + Sting

I know her for more than 5 years since when I was a trainee and staff who working together in the same company. Our relationship does not just stopped at colleagues, she become my best friend and mentor in my day job career.

Finally, she tied the knot with her loved one and she engaged me as their photographer for pre-wedding shooting. We were so excited to plan at the initial stage and they also briefed me the ideas on the shooting style. We all have the common understanding and they successfully delighted me and the ideas enhanced my shooting skill as well.

Everything just like happened yesterday and I going to post this pre-wedding pictures which was taken 1 year ago. The photos have no chance to post in my fans page as I was busy for my other shooting assignment during that time.

Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for giving me this opportunity on this shooting assignment.

Hopefully this post is not too late to publish and wish both of you live happily ever after and have an everlasting married life!





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