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Our Team

The Chief Photographer | Anson

Photography is my passion, and it is that love for capturing special moments in time that makes me enjoy wedding photography so much.

Since I was young, I was always very artistically inclined and colours and drawings were something that I loved very much. Gradually my love for colourful drawings drew me towards photography, and I slowly honed my skills in photography by studying professionals and also workshops and tips from the internet. One day, one of my best friends asked me if I was interested to be the photographer at their wedding, and as they said, the rest is history.


I have found my passion and calling as a wedding photographer. I can feel the rhythm explosion of love, emotion, promise, and the joy from the wedding couple. I love this and the satisfaction I when I see the happy faces of my clients gives me a lot of joy. 


Any simpler description of myself? I am a passionate and artistic person, funny and sociable guy who is easily excitable especially when doing the things he loves most.

The Senior Photographer | Benjamin

Bello, I'm Ban. Taking pictures is my passion and I really enjoy on creating photographs in still by clicking the shutter 'ka-cha' at the early age. After years of playing the buttons on the camera, I fell in love with photography that capturing intimate and real moments of people. They inspire me to document with my camera and telling a story through a photographs.

As graduated from bachelor in 3D Animation and Visual Effects, I find my passion in photography specially in wedding photography which is full of love and emotion. Every couples has a unique story to be told and I discovered how much happiness and beautiful memories throughout the photos could bring to the couples cherish for a lifetime! Since then, I started my profession in wedding photography and that's how I am here now!

I love smiles. I love adventures. I love people. I love freedom. I love percussion. and, I love all I have.

I am looking forward to make more friendship through this awesome journey with all of you. Let me photographs and tells the story of yours. 

The Cinematographer | Json

JsonLer Production is a team of professional Cinematography in Weddings.

We often relate ourselves in movies that we watched. It is in our persona that we tend to imagine those characters as us, every film tells a story and we have our own favorite. It is not for us to live with that fantasy but how we relate ourselves, our belief and our dreams. Life is a FILM that has full of adventures, trials and memories.

Bunch of individuals who are passionate in what we do ,we are artists in our own way and researchers by nature. Strengthen by our similarities and differences we work on things as a team. We have different role but of the same task to deliver a heartfelt and lasting Films.

Our goal is to listen, share and unfold things that happened. We aim to relive the memories, create ideas, explore the unimaginable and reserve moments.

Life is a Film. Let’s relieve those memories; embrace changes and most of all enjoy life’s adventure.

The Stylist & M.U.A | Jeanie

We have a great collaboration in place with Ms Jeanie Teoh for Make UP and Gown Rental Services. She has been in the make-up industry for more than 5 years and her understanding of what the client’s needs are what made her so successful.


After finding out that her passion was to help people get their dream weddings, she decided to use her skillsets to establish a makeup studio, and gradually expanded her business to include wedding gowns that were handpicked by her from overseas to suit the various preferences by their clients.

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